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Sweeping reforms 徹底的な改革

Sweeping reforms (徹底的な改革)to the nation's intelligence system after the Sept. 11, 2001. attacks have done little to improve information-sharing or generate a "greater sense of urgency" among U.S. intelligence agencies, a Houce of Representatives report concluded Thursday.

The report by the House Select Intelligence Committee also gave National Intelligence Director John Negroponte a tepid (熱意のない)review after 15 months on the job, noting he "is trying to do a little of everything, which slows down improvements in key areas."

In their 41-page review of how the nation's 16 intelligence agencies have adjusted since Congress overhauled(分解点検・修理する) the system in December 2004, lawmakers found a "mixed story."

Some good, needed steps have been taken, while other reforms have lagged," the report found. "Some believe that the new structure is too cumbersome (やっかいな、扱いにくい、難しい) and bureaucratic; others believe that the director of national intelligence is not showing the leadership and degree of change for which they hoped."

Responding, Negroponte's office said it has "acted with urgency and focus" in retooling (改組する、再編集する) the intelligence community that was widely criticised in report after report for failures leading up to (~に発展する、~に続く)the 2001 attacks.

第一・第二パラグラフに出てくるdo little toの表現を集めてみました。
His appointment to the position did little to appease his acceptance for power.
Your statement did little to clarify the matter.

第五パラのlead up toの表現です。
the chain of events that lead up to the war
They had a series of arguments, leading up to a decision to separate.
by zoompac | 2006-07-31 21:50 | 企業統治 | Comments(0)


91% of local leaders fear their cities won't survive


Ninety-one percent of local government heads are concerned about the survival of their entities amid the aging society and shortages of fiscal funds, according to a survey released Sunday.

The results reflect their fear that their governments' tough financial conditions cannot be rectified by spending cuts alone.

もう1つ数字からスタートする文章が続きます。favor ~ingの形は好むという意味より賛成するとか好意を示すという意味で使われます。(He favors eliminating the law = He is in favor of eliminating the laws.)

Seventy-three percent of the municipality heads favor raising the 5 percent consumption tax in the near future.

俗に言う”三位一体改革”です。1)国庫補助負担金の廃止・縮減 2)地方交付税の縮小、交付税依存体質からの脱却 3)国庫補助負担金対象事業で引き続き地方が主体となって実施する必要のあるものについての税源移譲。国と地方はどういった仕事をどちらが責任を持って遂行していくのかについてはまだ混乱がのこっているようですが・・・・。義務教育国庫負担金を巡って、中学校教員給与分を丸ごと一般財源化するよう求める地方と、文部科学省が対立し、折衷案(国庫負担を1/3に減額)で帳尻を合わせたようです。

Under Koizumi's efforts to expand the fiscal autonomy of local governments, a three year program through next March is in place to transfer 3 trillion yen worth of national revenue sources to local governments in exchange for scrapping grants tied to specific national programs.

by zoompac | 2006-07-31 00:05 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

Harry Potter' translator"s spell fails on tax office

Harry Potter' translator"s spell fails on tax office

Tax autority believe Yuko Matsuoka, the Japanese translator of the global best-seller "Harry Potter" series, failed to declare 3.5 billion yen in income in the three years to 2004, sourses said Wednesday.


Matsuda, 62, did not declare her income in Japan, saying she lived in Switzerland, but tax authorities consider her a resident of Japan and have ordered her to pay more than 700 million yen in back taxes.

Matsuda has filed an appeal and requested that Japanese and Swiss governments hold consultations to reach an accord to prevent double taxation.

Japan taxes residents on all income, whether it is earned in or outside Japan. Residents of other countries who gain income in Japan are required to pay Japanese tax.

In Switzerland, the tax rate on the equivalent of the income in the Matsuoka case would be less than 40 percent, compared with 50 percent in Japan.
by zoompac | 2006-07-30 00:05 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)


The World Trade Organization said Tuesday that the collapse of more than five years of commerse liberalization talks was not a failure, but more like a "time out."

more like ~、~のようなもの→This cat is more like a member of the family than pet.

He refused to pin blame on any one party, after six of the WTO's most powerful members failed to agree on steps toward liberalizing trade in farm and manufactured goods.

pin blame on ~に責任を負わせる→pin the blame for the accident on her
blame 人 for = pin the blame on 人 = attribute (the) responsibility (the balame) to (sb's incompetence)

He said the collapse hurt developing countries most, but that European consumers would suffer too because prices would remain higher than they would be otherwise.

You can arrive much earlier by taxi than otherwise.
Computer networks bring people together who'd otherwise never meet.
Your essay is a little long, but otherwise it is good.
The government claims that the economy is improving, but this survey suggests otherwise.
unless otherwise 別段の定めのない場合は unless otherwise instructed (provided, specified, designated)
私の意見は違います→I think otherwise (differently). I am of different opinion.
by zoompac | 2006-07-29 00:05 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)


Previously unknown remarks by Emperor Hirohito about Yasukuni Shrine, the symbol of current tension between Japan and China and South Korea, are bound to have a huge impact in Japan and around the world.

be bound to →きっと~する、~のはずだ
Your plan is bound to fail. = I'm quite sure that your plan will fail.

The emperor's words, in a memo dated May 9, 1988, show that he believed Yasukuni Shrine erred (made a mistake) when it decided to include Class-A war criminals from World War II on its list of people honored there.

Debate is raging on (論争の嵐が吹き続ける) the issue as various parties try to find a way to bridge the gap among the public and ease diplomatic friction with Japan's Asian neighbors. Possible solutions suggested include "disenshringning" the Class-A war criminals and building a new secular national war memorials.

Those who support Koizumi's visits also warned against separating the war criminals from the war dead, saying doing so is "technically infeasible." Some also warned against using the emperor's words for political ends.

On the diplomatic front, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said it hopes to remove obstacles between the two countries soon, without directly referring (to) the emperor's remarks.   frontは活動領域のことです。
by zoompac | 2006-07-28 00:05 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

Jakarta neglected to pass on warnings

Tsunami kills 343 on Indonesia's Java coast
Jakarta neglected to pass on warnings


The Infdonesian government admitted late Thuesday that it had received warnings from two regional agencies about a possible tsunami but did not attempt to pass them on to threatened communities.

Science and Technology Minister Kusmayanto Kadiman said Indonesia received bulletins from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and Japan's Meteorological Agency after the quake, but "we did not announce them."
"If it (the tsunami) did not occur, what would have happened?"

The warning s were sent around 45 minutes before tsunami struck.

In a harrowing (痛ましい、悲惨な) reminder of the 2004 disaster that left 220,000 dead across Asia, walls of water up to 3 meters high smashed ashore up to 500 meters inland Monday afternoon, toppling buildings and sending thousands of terrified residents fleeing.

The tsunami was triggered by a 7.7-magnitude undersea earthquake off the south coast of Java Island, where no early warning system had yet been put in place and many residents had no inkling (暗示、ほのめかし) of the tragedy to come.
by zoompac | 2006-07-27 00:05 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

Mom, daughter missing; foul play feared

foul playは殺人、特に暴力がふるわれた他殺のことです。

Police set up an investigative squad Monday to look for clues in the July 19 disappearance of a 52-year-old woman and her 25-year-old daughter from their bloodstained home in Hirono, Iwate Prefecture.

The Iwate Prefectural Police suspect the mother, Noriko Ueno, and her daughter, Yuki, are victims of foul play in part because they apparently had no reason to leave without telling anyone.

by zoompac | 2006-07-26 00:05 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

need ~ingの形

"Deflation" dropped from gov't report
First time in over 5 years; CPI edges up, but price trends still need monitoring.

動名詞は受動的意味を持ちます。needの後の受動態はdoingの方がto be doneより一般的です。
He will need looking after. (= He will need to be looked after.)
The house needs repairing. (= The house needs to be repaired.)

The paper says the government needs to implement programs to create more job opportunities for younger workers to address the problems.  
by zoompac | 2006-07-25 00:05 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)


make (one's story) seem (plausible, coherent, consistent), adjust (one's story) to fit the fact

make an incoherent remark, talk incoherently, say incoherent things, be self-contradictory

double standard→An opportunistic double standard can be seen. ご都合主義的な→opportunistic
In the United States there continues to exist a double standard that has taken root in racial discrimination. 根ざす→take root in
by zoompac | 2006-07-24 00:05 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)


→It would not be an exaggeration to say that nurses from developing countries could dominate the health care service sector in Japan in the near future.

・It is not too much to say that time once lost can never be recovered.
・It goes without saying that honesty is the best policy.
・Needless to say, it will lead to destruction of the environment.
by zoompac | 2006-07-23 07:38 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

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