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a resolutionを condemning + North Korea's missile teastingとurging + the nation + to が修飾しています。
The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution condemning North Korea's missile testing and urging the nation to return to the deadlocked six-nation conference.

a statement + rejecting the UN resolution
A spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry has issued a statement rejecting the UN resolution which called on Pyongyang to immediately dismantle its ballistic missile development program.

the agreement + calling for + a transfer
Japan and the US will conclude a US millitary base relocation accord, which will be based on the 1997 informal agreement calling for a transfer of the Futenma Air Base in Okinawa.
by zoompac | 2009-03-31 20:31 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

Green New Deal initiative

このinitiativeは、新規構想とか戦略とかという意味です。 日米構造協議にthe Structual Impediments Initiative talksという表現が使われていました。

Japanese firms are elbowing into the European market, where generous subsidies are offered to encourage solar power generation. Some are also moving to capture the U.S. market, where demand is expected to rise under the Green New Deal initiative by President Barack Obama.
by zoompac | 2009-03-30 22:02 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

step down 辞任する

辞任するという意で、ニュースではよく使われます。 見出しで、Most people want Ozawa to step down、とありました。

More than 60 percent of people want Ichiro Ozawa to step down as head of the Democratic Party of Japan over the fundraising scandal that has led to the arrest of his chief secretary, a poll showed Sunday.
by zoompac | 2009-03-29 21:54 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

bear similalities to ~ ~に通じるものがある、~に類似している

似た表現にhave something to do with ~とか、have something in connection with ~があります。

Thuesday's attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan bore many similarities to Last November's bloody three-day siege in Mumbai.
by zoompac | 2009-03-28 08:17 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

overstep 限度を越える、(規則、基準などを)逸脱する

まずは大見出しです。Ozawa says ade's arrest was abuse abuseはニュースではよく虐待という意味で使われますが、ここでは(権利、権力の)乱用という意味で使われています。

次に中見出しです。ここにabuseの言い換えで、overstepが使われています。 →Prosecutors overstepped authority, DPJ leader says OzawaさんがDPJ Leaderと言い換えられて説明となっている点にもご注意ください。

次に記事の本文の第1パラグラフです。Overstepがさらに詳しく言い換えられていることに注目してください。→Democratic Party of Japan President Ichiro Ozawa on Wednesday flatly denied that his chief secretary knowingly accepted illicit donations from scandal-tainted Nishimatsu Construction Co. and accused prosecutors of "wrongful exercise of authority" in arresting the aide.
by zoompac | 2009-03-27 06:20 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

その類としては初めての、 the first of its kind

The liquified natural gas plant in Sakhalin is the first of its kind for Russia. It will ship nearly 10 million tons of LNG overseas annually, 60 percent of it to power companies in Japan.
by zoompac | 2009-03-26 06:13 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

~の折に、on the occasion of ~

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has proposed that Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso have talks with him in Sakhalin in the Russian Far East on the occasion of the completion ceremony of a natural gas plant there on February 18th.
by zoompac | 2009-03-25 06:11 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

政策、規則等を作成する (craft、devise、come up with)

US State Secretary-designate Hillary Clinton told Congress that she will keep in closer contact with other countries than her predecessors did in forging specific US foreign policies.

The Defense Ministry will compile new guidelines for defense buildup (整備、増強) by taking into account the significant progress China has made in mordernizing its military forces.
by zoompac | 2009-03-24 06:16 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

agree with 人 on 事項

The Japanese government has agreed with the United States on the planned relocation of 8,000 US Marines and their 9,000 dependents (扶養家族) to Guam with Japan bearing 6.1 billion dollars or 59 percent of the total costs.
by zoompac | 2009-03-23 06:13 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

make + 目 + escalate とか available

make + 目 + escalate
The Foreign Ministry in Tokyo is cautious so as not to make the latest problem with China in the gas development issue escalate into another diplomatic row with that country.

make + 目 + available
The Foreign Ministry says it will make more of Japan's ODA funds available to smaller emerging nations for their efforts to ease trouble they face from the current global recession.
by zoompac | 2009-03-22 08:00 | 英語表現・学習 | Comments(0)

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